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  • The Triangle and its Properties(524)
  • Congruence of Triangles(926)
  • Comparing Quantities(2364)


Online test practice for class 7 history

Preparing for the exam by using textbooks and class notes is the traditional way. These days are quite advanced and the method of study is also getting advanced. Online tests give a broad coverage of questions and contain a different variety of topics. It improves correctness of the preparation, students can improve their weak areas and they can prepare for the exams in a better way.

History is a subject which covers a huge area of study and it is very beneficial for students by preparing an online test practice for class 7 history. These test practices contain the questions from various dynasties, historical places, etc.

Online test practice for class 7 history contains objective as well as subjective questions. By taking these test series you can prepare for various types of exams as formative assessment and summative assessments. These online tests are very much helpful for covering the broad subject. These tests are designed by the subject experts. The students of class 7th should practice more and more for getting higher marks in every kind of exam.