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  • Data Handling(2456)
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  • The Triangle and its Properties(2849)
  • Congruence of Triangles(7405)
  • Comparing Quantities(4348)


Mathematics learning videos for Class 7

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects when it comes to education and every student needs to have good math skills to be successful in almost all fields. Maths however can be a daunting subject which is why Mathematics learning videos for class 7 can be beneficial.

It is a common sight to see students afraid of mathematics as they consider it to be a dry subject who requires a lot of practice, Mathematics learning videos for class 7 and other online tools help by making the subject much more interesting and approachable for the students without the subject feeling dry.

In a subject like mathematics, online tools can be a boon for the students in various ways:

  1.    By making the lessons more interactive and interesting
  2.    By re-introducing the concepts in a new fashion
  3.    By removing the classroom element students can study at their own pace

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