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  • Rational Numbers(6866)
  • Linear Equations in One Variable(7038)
  • Understanding Quadrilaterals(7266)
  • Practical Geometry(5620)
  • Data Handling(4974)
  • Squares and Square Roots(9379)
  • Cubes and Cube Roots(7706)
  • Comparing Quantities(6724)


Online test practice for class 8 science

This test is for students who are preparing for their exams of class 8 Science. The students can score good marks through the online test practice for class 8 Science as available. This test is based on CBSE and ICSE.

The lessons which are contained in the test are:

  • Microorganisms: friend or foe
  • Cell
  • Coal and petroleum
  • Combustion and flame
  • Light etc.
  • Online test for science is very important resource for students preparing for science. Questions from very important topics are covered by online test. We also get idea about the type of question and method to answer in exam. All important question of science given as per latest syllabus which can be learn before exam. Online test is an easy way to find out the strong and weak areas.

    Online reading exercise and sample paper for science will give you an idea on result expectation out of school exams. The students can review the performance in practice test series, do learning on weak areas and monitor progress during the year. Online test offers advance ways of learning for children to prepare and practice online for Science.