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Revision notes for class 8

History is one of the subjects where a student cannot do without last moment revision as most students try to memorise dates, events and important happenings exactly as it is written in the book. This gets boring many a times. ncert solutions for class 9 maths is an interesting way to learn history through a different approach.

While revising for history, the major problem which every student undergoes is that the notes which they have made are too long. There is no time for reading those long notes on the last night before the exam. NCERT Solutions for class 10 physics is an ideal solution to this problem. It discusses different approaches to an answer while shortening the length of the notes to a quickly readable level.

This online tool is ideal for students who don’t know how to make precise and clear notes for history in the following ways:

  • Brief notes on what needs to be necessarily included
  • Helps to develop the language in a flow
  • Ideal and handy for last moment revision

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