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  • Rational Numbers(2252)
  • Linear Equations in One Variable(3760)
  • Understanding Quadrilaterals(3744)
  • Practical Geometry(2131)
  • Data Handling(8300)
  • Squares and Square Roots(9878)
  • Cubes and Cube Roots(8508)
  • Comparing Quantities(1320)


Online Test Practices for Class 8

History tells us about the diverse culture, longed traditions, great empires, huge battles and human evolvement over the years around the world. Understanding the past helps comprehend and solve problems of present wisely. Online Test Practices for Class 8 helps students understand the subject in depth.

Online education of history is more beneficial for students because of its 24/7 accessibility. History is more about remembering stories and practicing them is very important to retain the memory. Online Test Practices for Class 8 gives the insight of all the possible questions that can be asked from different chapters, making the student ever ready and confident.

Nowadays when most of the competitive exams are going online, online test practices is the best step to preparation.

  • Interactive and easy Understanding.
  • All possible questions can be dealt with.
  • 24/7 accessibility.
  • Can be reviewed to recall during exams.

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