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  • Real Numbers(1132)
  • Polynomials(6446)
  • Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables(2911)
  • Quadratic Equations(8408)
  • Arithmetic Progressions(1305)
  • Triangles(6676)
  • Coordinate Geometry(1569)
  • Introduction to Trigonometry(4654)


NCERT Solutions for class 10 Mathematics Syllabus 

Majority of the schools in India follow the NCERT syllabus pattern. Mathematics NCERT books are adopted by these schools. Majority of the students feel mathematics to be a very tough subject to cope up with. For regular practice, NCERT has included the solutions to the problems in a systemized way. Thus, the Mathematics NCERT solutions for class 10 have been of great help. 

Apart from the problematic books, these solutions have helped the students understand their answers in an explained manner. Available for many classes the advantages for Mathematics NCERT solutions for class 10 can be explained as follows:

  • Self assessment can be done because of these solutions.
  • It acts as a great reference medium for problem solving.
  • Right approach can be helped to achieve.
  • Instant checking of answers can be done.
  • Students can understand their mistakes easily and instantly.
  • Teachers can also refer it for their explanations.

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