Child Safety

Child Safety

Immerse in learning process to develop your Child safely

Parents are considered to be the first teacher in life. With the active involvement of parents in education;career of children can be shaped. Keeping this point in mind, we completely understand how concerned you are regarding your children education. You may be taking a help of various e learningsources likewebsites, apps that helps to lessen the burden of obtaining holistic education. But no software can work without internet as it cannot receive update.Also, one responsible parentscannot let their kids get exposed to open internetkeeping recent time in mind.

As a parent you need to be highly alert about what activities your children are carrying out over the internet. With the change in time and pattern of education one cannot help but avoid digital medium and specifically internet usage for education too. Since there is abundant information and knowledge sources on internet. And,several references related to a subject matter are at easy reach for all, young and old. Therefore, it is not in the hands of children to distinguish between what is ideal and what is not for them. Parents need to assist them in the proper channelizing of relevant usage of this medium through e-learning software.

Check out how you can safeguard your kids from internet nuisance and at the same time, they carry out its utility for their education purpose fruitfully.

  • Acquire in depth knowledge about computer and its software mechanism.
  • Learn what the e-learning software is all about and how it helps your children.
  • Analyze your children weakness, strength and interest to judge software utility

How awareness about e-learning and parent’s active involvement will help

  • Imbibe positive attitude and outlook among the children.
  • Provide long term academic excellence for the children.
  • Give the children a change for stress-free learning habit
  • Make children more confident to face any kind of challenge
  • Help children to overcome any kind of exam phobia.
  • Assist children in achieving higher grades and test scores
  • Help children to work upon their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Guide in planning out a right kind of academic measures.

Maintaining Child Safety with Internet Usage:

When it comes to child safety with the usage of internet, all the parents need to keep in mind that they need to be vigilant. In fact e-learning software is designed for the purpose of making study fun and easy to grab. It aims at making learning more a necessity and less a liability under which children get highly suppressed. For more information and help on online safety, email us at or alternatively contact our Support team at +91-9821014004.

  • Apply some kind of parental control over forbidden sites
  • Monitor the activities that Children carryout over internet
  • Go for some kind of restricted time period over internet usage
  • Download helpful software that allows internet filtration
  • Check children are not meeting virtually with wrong people online

[Note: that any kind of e-learning software does not need heavy usage of internet. All that it requires is some downloads related to the courseware or course content. This also implies that your children do not require staying online always. But, for course contents upgrades and all-India comparative rankings, connecting the software with internet from time to time is beneficial]

However, as a parent it is not possible for you to constantly stay in touch with your children at each click or download. Therefore all that you require to do is make you children learn to take good decisions. More importantly, inculcate in them the habit to share all their experience with you whether good or bad. Carefully apply the tact or tricks upon them so that they do not feel, you distrust them.

Make sure that-

  • The security solution that you use does not over block or act too restrictive towards many sites that you or your children may require at times. If this happens, then it would make your as well as your kids work more difficult. You will have to frequently unblock sites for use and this could be frustrating at times of hurry
  • The security solution should contain good and sophisticated Web Filtering capabilities. It must have some means through which list of restricted sites information can stay out of reach from children.
  • You must start bookmarking the most frequently visited sites for quick and easy access and long with it share an email account with your kid to keep a track upon messages they receive or send someone
  • Spend quality time with children to teach appropriate online activities they need to carry out. And if any kind of inappropriate online experience your children face, respond to it logically

Look how scholars learning will help you with regards to child safety

  • Brief you from time to time about basics relating to child safety
  • Inform and educate children at the same time about online safety measures.
  • Assist parents with new computer features to block objectionable materials tactfully

Some vital Internet Safety measure

  • Check the web history to know sites visited most frequently
  • Educate children about harmful effects of pirate software and its utility.
  • Teach them how to check genuine and credible information on sites
  • Make sure you keep children away from chat and shopping portal sites.
  • Teach them to keep passwords protected and use remember me option at public place computers

With all these steps in mind, and with the trusted hands of Scholars Learning beside you and your children, the door to success is not far from reach. Safety issues will not dampen your children academic recourse and neither will you be highly tensed about it if effective measures are applied. E-learning software is just a medium to success but it is your active participation that counts more vital for your children success.