Scholarslearning Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy draws firm boundaries regarding any data that the user decides to share with us. The terms of our policy are subjected to change without prior notice or information. Updates will be available on this page which the users are requested to check from time to time. Before divulging any personal data, users are advised to careful read this policy and then make a well-informed decision.

What we collect

We may also retain any messages that the user has communicated with us directly for our company records and also to help serve in a better way.

In most of our forms, some of the boxes are mandatory like your name while others such as contact information may be optional depending upon the kind of forms. The users are requested to go through the form carefully before submitting. Also, the users must confirm that all the data that they have provided are true to ensure a better quality of service for us.

Access to the User

The user will be allowed to access only his or her personal data that has been provided to us. One user’s data cannot be accessed or altered by another user without proper authorization. In case, there is a change to be made, mail is to be sent to us so that it can be rectified.

The user can

Access to the User

At times, we may also contact our users for marketing purposes with the contact information that the user has provided us with NCERT Solutions for class 6 mathematics.

Security Policy

Our company enforces a very strict security policy. We are the sole owners for the information, both public and private on this site. Any data that has been obtained from the user is highly confidential and will not be revealed or sold, either publicly or to any other third party except under orders from the Government. All the information that we have acquired is stored securely with electronic security that only authorized persons have access to.

Our web page might contain links to various other web pages or sites, to help provide the user more specific information than what is available on our website. Our privacy policy ends the moment the user switches from our site to another. Every term in this privacy policy of ours holds true only as long as the user is still on our web page. Once, the user leaves our page, the privacy policy of that particular site will only reign, and we are not responsible for any information that the user provides on that particular site.

Cookie Usage

A cookie is utilised to customize the site to match the needs of the customer. It is a data stored on a visitor’s hard drive. By confirming access to our cookies, the user is providing his or her consent for it to analyse web traffic and the frequency of the user’s visits to our web page. It also gives the user information regarding his or her individual web traffic and helps tailor web-based apps to your preferences.

We will receive data regarding the web pages you have visited to help us identify and detect our drawbacks. We then use this analysis to tune our services to suit our users better. This data will be removed from our servers as soon as the analysis is done. We will in no way use this data for anything other than statistical purposes. The user can choose to either accept or decline cookies. Most browsers will be modified to accept cookies by default. The user can choose to alter the settings if you wish.

The users are to note that the cookies will in no way access any personal data from the computer nor will we in any way be able to access any other data except for those provided by the user with proper acknowledgement.

Giving us Private Data

The users should not give out any data if they feel that they are not clear regarding any of the terms of the privacy policy of our company. If done so, we will not handle any misunderstandings or issues that might crop up.

If the user does not want to receive mail or any messages that are promotional or contain information regarding new opportunities or offers that are opening up, they can always email us voicing their issues or discomforts and all further communication with that specific user that are promotional will be immediately terminated NCERT Solutions class 6 science.

Our company aims to provide valuable information to anyone who seeks for it. All the data that we provide is merely information that we have gathered from various sources. The users must look into it carefully from the links that we may have provided the service before

beginning to avail it. Any responsibility regarding the accuracy of the information provided by organizations is not taken as it tendss to alter their services and policies from time to time.

In case of any discrepancies, all the legal issues will be resolved as per the Indian Law in the presence of our company’s lawyer as well as an honourable judge appointed by the Government of India. No other means of resolving issues will be appreciated or entertained.