Why Scholars

With more than several thousand students from different countries, trying to get into some of the esteemed institutions after their high school or students looking to clear their school examinations, Scholars is the one stop online learning web portal for students. Inspired by the world of e-commerce, we have been serving to all the educational needs of the students around the world in the process of helping them achieve their goal.

What do we provide?

Students are now in the world where knowledge is something that needs to be grasped from beyond the regular textbooks. Students in this age have taken up several new methods of getting to know their subjects in a clear and precise way, which has proven to be effective in the longer run. It is a well-proven fact that each and every student’s capacity to learn is different, and thus it can be deduced that each and every student will have a unique of learning things. School as a whole can only provide students with a common curriculum that needs to be followed by all. We at Scholars think different.

The study materials that are available on Scholars are designed in such a way that each and every student gets benefitted out of it, and the subject sessions that we provide are also self-paced. This is how each ncert solutions for class 12 mathematics gets an opportunity to learn better and think better. The academic history of each student can be different. We understand this and provide students with customised learning methods that are tailor-made for each student.

Everything said, some of you might still think why you have to choose Scholars for your educational requirements. Here is a glance as of to why.

The materials that are provided by our web portal are carefully chosen by our team of consultants, educationists and the technologists. We receive materials from all different boards of study like CBSE, ICSE, State board and Matriculation. Our team consolidates the materials and provides it to the students.

We make sure that the students have fun time learning. Giving them a regular textbook that has only texts related to the subject may lead them to think the subject to be boring though it is interesting on the whole. Once this thought comes inside them, the concentration level that they might have while learning the subject may go down. We at Scholars want to break the monotonous way of learning. We make sure to give our students an experience that includes equal parts of learning and entertainment.

Study materials from Scholars are easily accessible and can be downloaded easily. Downloading the materials can help the students to give a glance at the material even when there is no internet connection.

Customised learning

When we say that the learning method of each and every student is different, we mean the varied styles of learning that each student might adopt in order to learn a subject.

There is a category of students who learn better when the concepts in the subjects are given a visual representation. Visual representations can be in the form of

In this case, we also provide assessment for the students to make sure that they have learned the subjects clearly. For these students, the assessments are generally in forms like filling the blanks in the graphs and the flow charts. Students get to learn better if they can relate the concepts of the things that they have seen be it the diagrams, shapes and colours.

The other way that students wish to learn is an auditory form of learning. Here students seem to learn better by hearing to lectures that are given by some of the professors and teachers. Some of the NCERT Solutions for class 9 physics lectures come along with the videos, and the rest are available as audio files separately. These students also have an option of using the presentations and other visual representations that have auditory side notes that are attached in order to provide a better explanation.

Improved Performance

Success for the Scholars team comes only when the students can grasp knowledge from our online learning portal and excel in their examinations. Students everywhere have thanked us for our study materials and after going through the testimonials that they sent us on our website, we were able to find that, they have been able to perform better in their examinations with our consolidated study materials and self-explanatory way of studying.

Improvement in performance is not only limited to the students who access our materials, but it is also considered to a way of improving ourselves. With all the feedbacks and comments that we receive, we at Scholars try to keep advancing from our stand and improve our resources.

Involvement of technology

Technology has brought a wide change to the way we see the world. Digitalisation is the new trend and has been catching up quickly in the educational sector too. Many schools and universities have taken up this trend to make the classrooms more interactive and fun. Many of the teachers who accessed our website have started to use our materials in the classrooms. They say that they find the materials to be helpful and surely come in handy when they need to teach the student a difficult concept in a subject.

The trend is slowly catching up everywhere, and schools have now started to adopt the study materials that are available on our web portal. They have also moved on to giving the students the assessments and assignments that are available with us to the students to check their understanding on the subject.

Gradually increasing its pace of development, Scholars has helped a lot of students to study better. Access our website and be ready to be taken on a ride to a whole new experience of learning.